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How To Make Your Bowling Ball Hook More Originally Posted: 08/16/2010; Updated On: 06/24/2024

If you are trying to learn how to make your bowling ball hook more, then begin with understanding four available options:

    1.  Alter Your Bowling Ball Surface

    2.  Change Of Bowling Balls

    3.  Release Change

    4.  Alignment Adjustments

Pro shops provide services to prepare bowling ball surfaces to match best with lane conditions in local centers. How to make your bowling ball hook more can be accomplished easily by use of a high speed ball spinner to screen and re-surface the coverstock of your bowling ball, an acceptable method of properly dulling or adding texture your ball surface. Pro shop operators will use Abralon pads with various grits to screen the ball surface to a known texture. The lower the Abralon grit on the pad, the more porous and textured the ball surface becomes. A 500 grit pad will allow for the most aggressive friction factor on the lanes and works best if your bowling in heavy oil.

Generally speaking, no one complains about their bowling ball not hooking enough on dry lane conditions. Because of very heavy concentrations of oil on the front end of the lane, screening your ball surface with a low grit pad will help you learn how to make your ball hook more and attain an earlier response in the heavy oil than with a ball surface which is smooth or saturated with oil. Remember, a bowling ball constructed with a hard polyester coverstock will not dull sufficiently to hook a great deal more than when first drilled out of the box. However, the reactive resin coverstock balls with aggressive core designs will respond more noticeably than will low friction reactive balls or polyester balls. Don't be afraid to change bowling balls in competition and switch to a ball with an aggressive coverstock prepared to combat heavy oil.

Changing your release to create more hook can be tricky and in many cases, cause a series of poor deliveries unless you are well practiced with the use of a variety of releases. A pronounced rotation of your bowling fingers from directly underneath or behind the bowling ball to a point about 3 hours on the clock dial ( 6 o'clock to 3 o' clock for right handed bowlers) occurring at the moment of release when your arm reaches a vertical position to the approach surface on the forward swing motion will certainly maximize your hook potential. Be careful not to rotate your entire arm but rather only your wrist action. Another tip is to use a wrist device which allows for a setting to be adjusted to create upward wrist tilt. Tilting the wrist upward while you are releasing the ball will fly your thumb out of the ball well before the fingers so the fingers can rotate the ball decisively and create additional revolutions on the ball or increase the amount of tilt in the rotating axis of the ball.

Adjusting your alignment positioning on the approach toward the edges of the lane so your ball will roll on a dryer portion of lane surface will create increased friction and cause your ball to hook sooner and cover more boards on the lane than if the ball were to travel in heavy oil a longer distance. A well known strategy is to adjust your feet closer to the edge of the lane (to the right edge for right handed bowlers) two boards and your target on the lane where your eyes sight one board - a 2:1 adjustment. This type of adjustment system is known as a "parallel adjustment" and may be done multiple times until you achieve desired results. We hope these tips help and be sure to practice as much as possible. 
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