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How To Improve Your Bowling Accuracy

If you are a beginning bowler or someone trying seriously to develop your bowling skills, learning how to improve your bowling accuracy begins by gaining bowling ball speed control and direction control toward your chosen target on the lane.  Developing consistent ball speed and an effective release angle down the lane toward your selected target with your bowling ball are the first tasks in learning how to improve your bowling accuracy.

Regulating your ball speed each delivery will help control the skid length of the ball as well as help you develop a consistent release action with your bowling hand.  Releasing your ball at the appropriate angle toward your chosen target down the lane is another factor in developing accuracy.  Here are more keys which will help you build control in releasing your bowling ball:

Focus your eyes on your target on the lane from the set-up position on the approach and throughout your entire approach to the foul line. It is important to commit to a specific target where you wish to contact with your bowling ball and remain committed to the target while releasing the ball.   Simply put, your eyes send the signal to your brain where the target is positioned and your brain signals your hand where to release the ball.  Full commitment in hitting your target must be applied to each and every delivery.

The final two steps of your approach of your approach to the foul line are the most critical.  Do not hurry the final two steps, or any steps for that matter, so you can make a consistent and decisive release of your bowling ball.

Swing your bowling arm freely and without excessive muscle tension until the ball reaches the release zone and continue your swing to a full follow through position. Try to maintain a consistent tempo with your back swing and forward swing on each delivery so you can regulate ball speed and have time to make an effective delivery to your target.

Follow through with your bowling hand releasing the ball in the precise direction of your specific target on the lane.  Your hand controls the release of your bowling ball so make a fully focused effort to release the ball directly at your target.

Hold your form at the foul line and keep your eyes on your target.  Maintain good upper body balance during your approach, particularly while you are making the critical release of the ball. Good balance is vital in helping you improve your bowling accuracy.  Keeping your head and shoulders very steady and without excessive motion during your approach and release will help you maintain good balance.

These simple tasks are all positive contributors to gaining control with your bowling ball.  If you have any questions about your game, it is recommended you seek professional coaching either from a certified bowling instructor or from a local bowling professional trained in helping bowlers improve their game.

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