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How To Find A Skid-Flip Bowling Ball

Learning how to find a "skid-flip" bowling ball requires choosing a bowling ball with the right type of coverstock and core design properties which will produce "skid-flip" motion as the ball travels down the lane and hooks to the pocket. Also, it is important to understand which type of lane conditions match best with a "skid-flip" ball motion.

"Skid-flip" is a term commonly used to describe a given bowling ball motion as it travels down a given lane from the release point on the front end of the lane down the lane to the break point, and then change directions and hook with a sharp angle of entry to the pocket. Although "skid-flip" is a very popular choice of bowlers seeking to select a new bowling ball, it can be a tricky selection because "skid-flip" travel properties match best on a limited lane conditions. It is also important to consult with whomever will eventually drill your bowling ball as to match a layout pattern with the coverstock and core design properties of the "skid-flip" bowling ball.

How to find a "skid-flip" bowling ball begins by choosing a ball coverstock which promotes a very long skid pattern as the ball travels down the lane. Usually, a long skid pattern is developed by using a ball with a stiff or pearl coverstock manufactured with a shiny, 1500 or 2000 grit finish. A smooth and shiny ball surface will not react on the front end of the lane nearly as quickly as will a ball with a dull and pliable surface and will match well with a dry lane condition. Any ball with an aggressive coverstock, a pliable surface and with a low grit, dull factory finish designed to react quickly in heavy oil conditions will not skid nearly as far as will one with a stiff coverstock and a shiny factory finish. Choosing the right type of coverstock is most important in attaining a "skid-flip" ball reaction.

Next is the factory core design which controls the length potential and the hook potential properties a given bowling ball possesses. A bowling ball with a high RG (radius of gyration) is one which skids a long distance before developing a strong roll pattern and conserves energy until the ball travels to the back end of the lane before hooking at the break point. Since dry lane conditions cause bowling balls to hook sooner than needed, it makes sense to choose a ball which has as low of a surface friction factor as possible and one with the greatest length potential (high RG) so the ball does not react on the front end or in the mid-lane before the ideal travel distance near or at the break point.

Choosing a ball with a high Differential of RG (commonly referred to as "differential") will enable the ball to hook sharply from the break point to the pocket and is often described as a ball with a high hook potential rating by a manufacturer. When using a high differential of RG ball, we usually need the ball to recover on the back end after sending the ball on a direction away from the pocket on the front end of the lane due to the dry lane conditions. If the ball were to react too early and not be designed to hook sharply enough at the break point to the pocket, you will encounter difficulties in maintaining a consistent and dependable ball reaction on dry lanes.

The combination of a high RG ball coupled with high differential ratings and with a stiff or pearl coverstock will yield the "skid-flip" ball motion you seek. Also, using a drill pattern to create a long skid and sharp hook ball motion will augment the coverstock and core design properties and help you get the ball reaction you seek. Please do not forget to use surface preparation maintenance strategies such as screening your ball with a fine grit pad and use polish to get a shiny finish which serves to reduce surface friction on the lane. We hope this information helps you during your ball selection process! has become the No. 1 e-tailer of choice for bowling equipment by the consumer of America. Once you have found any item you wish to order, please be reminded that every item at our site comes with free shipping an no hidden charges. To place your order, simply follow our easy online instructions available 24 hours a day, every day. Thanks for visiting!

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