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How To Complete The Bowling Swing Follow Through

Finishing your bowling swing is an important key to accuracy and speed control. Since the follow through motion refers to the completion of your arm swing process, let's examine how to complete the bowling swing follow through motion.
The "follow through" phrase is one we use in many sports typically when referring to using an arm motion such as a baseball pitcher delivering a pitch to the catcher or in golf where the player completes his or her swing to a full swing arc position and maintains balance while facing the target. Learning how to complete the bowling follow through motion begins at the "moment of release" of the bowling ball during your approach. Once your bowling hand exits the ball, the follow through begins.

Since you have selected a target on the lane where to sight with expectations of rolling your ball over the target and eventually into the pocket, then it makes sense to allow your bowling hand to continue its motion in the direction of your target while completing the arm swing process. Since the release zone, the part of the swing cycle where your hand releases the bowling ball, is near the very bottom of the swing arc or slightly forward on the upswing, then a good rule of thumb is to continue swinging your hand and arm in an upward motion along the swing arc and in the direction of your target.
Your bowling arm elbow should complete the swing arc at least shoulder level or higher with your arm fully extended on each delivery. The continuation of a fully extended forward swing after the ball has exited your hand, known as the follow through, helps to regulate and maintain good ball speed and direction of your delivery to your target. Try and avoid abbreviating your follow through by stopping your hand and arm near your bowling slide knee level after the ball is released.
Restricting the free flowing swing motion to a full follow through position pivoting from your bowling shoulder invites errant deliveries. Usually a less than full follow through will be caused by decelerating the swing once your ball has been released or by trying to release the ball at a very slow ball speed.
A decelerated swing motion might cause your bowling hand to move in a direction away from your intended target line. Also, slowing your swing speed as your hand enters the release zone might cause an early rotation of your bowling hand and therefore an ineffective delivery. Your forward swing and follow through motions should use a gradual acceleration of motion and follow through to shoulder level or higher as to complete the entire swing process each and every delivery.
There may be some danger in forcing the follow through by thrusting your bowling shoulder forward as you release the ball in an attempt to gain a great deal of speed. Swing in an upward motion and avoid allowing your bowling shoulder to extend well past the foul line plane.
Try and develop a full follow through and an upward swing motion every delivery. In golf, using that example again, there are shots requiring less than full swing arcs. In bowling, every swing should be like the driver swing in golf, a full smooth, swing using no more than 90 percent full power so you maintain good balance. Allow your bowling elbow and hand to finish above shoulder level and with the bowling fingers aligned with the outside edge of your bowling shoulder at the completion of the swing.
Finish every swing to the natural extension of your arm and develop the tempo to repeat the same delivery motion at all times. A good follow through will help you improve your accuracy and will lead to good scores.

We hope these tips help you learn how to make an effective follow through. If you have any questions about swing direction techniques, we recommend you seek consultation with a certified bowling coach or with a top amateur/professional player in your area to work at improving the effectiveness of your arm swing.
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