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How Senior Bowler's With Short Backswings Can Increase Ball Speed

By:, Originally Posted: 11/22/15; Updated: 4/18/2022

If you are a senior bowler with a short backswing, men and women alike, you can make a few simple adjustments to your game and increase your ball speed.

Chances are that any desire you may have as a senior bowler to increase speed are for two reasons, improve your pin carry and get a more consistent ball reaction.

Also, you may have noticed a drop in average from years prior because of the dreaded aging process and lack of strength.

There are two easy tips which will help you get more ball speed but you will have to work on them a bit to make a difference. Don’t be lazy, get out and bowl a few additional games more than the normal amount you bowl to work on these two simple techniques.

Since you do not have a naturally high and fast backswing, lengthen and hasten your steps. Moving faster than at the present time where you can maintain balance is one tip you must work at achieving.

Next, increase each step about two inches in length and allow for at least an additional six inches of sliding motion on your final step.

Getting your feet moving fast and stretching out your steps will generate more leverage and power than your game currently allows and create increased momentum to the foul line and a correspondingly longer slide step.

Let’s face facts - slow and methodical steps coupled with a short backswing are ball speed killers.

Get those steps moving as fast as is possible without losing balance. It helps to keep a slight amount of knee flex as you move more quickly to the foul line and as you increase your stride each step.

Lengthen your stride and slide step.

Faster steps coupled with a longer stride and slide will help you pick up ball speed and regulate your ball skid distance so you can see a consistent ball reaction and align to the pocket and to spares easily.

If these tips are not the complete answer you are seeking, then it is useful to consult with your pro shop professional and decide if a lighter weight ball will benefit your game.

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