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Did You Know? Storm Intertwines Sales, Research and Development & Coaching 3/16/2017


Three topics all intertwined together that lead us to developing some of the best products in the world. In many organizations these entities are separated, so sometimes there is a bit of a disconnect when it comes to developing products based on what the players want or what the market needs.

At Storm we are in a fortunate position that we maintain a small tight knit group from our sales staff to our top touring players. Our sales team spends a majority of their time on the road seeing pro shops and doing MatchMaker™ events in their territories. Throughout all these miles spent they gather data from the pro shops and players participating at the events. This data is shared with the home office and utilized in developing our product lines throughout the year.

Aside from seeing the shops and doing the local events, our sales force also spends time with touring players when events make it into their regions. Many of our sales staff our accomplished players as well as certified coaches, so the insight they get from the players as well as sharing their feedback creates a valued relationship.

We take pride in being “The Bowlers Company”. From the sales team all the way to the head of research and development, we listen and ask questions of our customers and players. Our goal is to deliver the most innovative and technologically advanced products in the industry.

We want everyone to enjoy their experience and in the end – “Grow the Sport of Bowling”

Hank Boomershine

VP Sales & Research and Development


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