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Brunswick Summer Releases for 2017

By 7/13/2017

It’s summertime. I love to sharpen my mechanics after a long winter league season, go bowling with the guys and just having a good time as well. But I also love the new out-of-the-box feeling that can only be described when purchasing one of Brunswick’s new summer releases. As they continue to throw-back to the past with their new products, Brunswick is continuing down the path of delivering great products to their bowlers and seeing more honor scores pop up left and right.

Starting with the new Quantum Classic Black featuring the Relativity Flip Solid cover along with the Quantum Mushroom High RG Symmetric core, this ball will you give you a great skid/flip motion on the backend that all bowlers love to see, especially when you think the ball is going in the gutter and then goes all ten back (love that feeling). Since this ball comes finished at 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound, you can see yourself using this ball on a variety of medium-heavy oil lane conditions. $174.95 is a great price considering you are also getting a FREE special edition triple tote roller bag with your purchase, but only until October 31st of this year. I can’t think of anything better then a new ball and a new bag to roll it in along with 2 other bowling balls in your arsenal.

Brunswick is also continuing with their Fanatic series that was introduced to us last year, now with the Fanatic BTU Pearl. This ball features the BTU Pearl cover along with the Low Differential I-Block Symmetric core. Finished at 500/4000 Siaair Micro Pad, this ball delivers a refined angular snap on the backend, which many two-handers love for its level of control. The Matte finish on this ball with the type of reaction bowlers will be expecting from this ball makes it more and more intriguing. Seeing that I don’t have a pearl urethane ball in my bag yet, it’s one I see myself drilling soon.

The Brunswick Magnitude 035 features the Relativity Flip Solid cover along with the Magnitude 035 Low Diff Symmetric core. Finished at 500/2000 Siaair Micro Pad, you will find yourself getting easy length through the fronts, mid-lane control and a great smooth continuation on the backend. This is definitely a ball you will see yourself throwing on those medium-heavy oil lane conditions.

Lastly, the Brunswick Vintage Inferno. This is a ball that has definitely had social media going crazy over since it’s announcement. Featuring the Activator 2.0 Pearl cover and the Vintage Inferno Low-RG Symmetric core, you will definitely see yourself using this on medium oil patterns. Finished at 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound, you will see a smooth arcing motion on the backend. I can see this ball fitting into my game to control the over/under when I have a ball that is going too long and not finishing, or a ball that is reading too quickly and cutting right through the face and leaving you “grandma’s teeth” (or something worse!). It should be a great all-around benchmark ball for my game.

Bowling fans, Brunswick fans, what are you waiting for? All four of these new great products that soon hit market are now available for pre order right here at, it’s where bowlers go.

Hello everyone and greetings from the Bowling Mecca of the World, also known as Las Vegas! My name is Nick Pollak. I am 18 years old and I’m a two-handed bowler as well as a USBC Bronze level coach. I am thankful to have been invited to join the team to write about the sport I love. I look forward to sharing many articles with you and hope to interact with many of you to get feedback and topic ideas you would like to see.

Did I mention I am a two hander? I wasn't always but that all changed in January of 2015 when my one-handed mechanics became a tremendous liability. For each and every one of my fellow two-handers, it should be noted that we are all different in our styles of approach, rev rate, speed and release. I look forward to sharing my perspective of the sport I love, as a competitive bowler and as a two-hander.