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Bowling Strikes, Spares, And Splits

By:, 12/26/16

One good shot at a time. You most likely have heard this before. Two questions - are you doing this and are you doing this for bowling strikes, spares, and splits?

Since no one can win the bowling competition in the first game, it becomes very important to focus on every game, every frame and every shot in each frame.

This focus includes not taking anything for granted but rather paying attention to each and every shot you make.

Avoid being a bowler focusing only on strike deliveries. Learn to focus on spares and on splits as well.

Make your goal to get as many pins as you can on each and every shot.

Place full attention on making a good shot regardless of the situation you are in and take nothing for granted.

Get every pin in score you can including getting something when shooting at a wide split virtually impossible to convert.

Knock something down. Never deliver a shot without hitting at least one pin - make this your goal.

Stay in the moment. It makes little sense to think too far in front of your very next shot.

Success comes from doing the right things at the right time and boiling down your focus to one good shot at a time.

That’s it, one good shot at a time at strikes, spares, and splits.

Take dead aim at your target and commit fully to making the shot you want.

Avoid trying to think ahead too far or dwell on previous shots. You can do nothing other than what you are going to attempt your very next shot.

So much of winning is mental. The same holds true for your physical game.

Developing sound physical game fundamentals is essential if you wish to perform consistently well. Making good execution each shot taken when it matters most is all any bowler can work toward.

Developing sound mental game strategies, however, are as important, if not more so, than physical game strategies. Thinking on the fly when faced with adjustment decisions is a vital part of the game. This can be done by thinking about the keys you need most at the moment you make your next delivery. Regardless of how many good tips you get on the mental aspects of the game, no matter how many tips you have received about your physical game, it always boils down to one good shot at a time.


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