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Bowling Shoes Make A Difference

Originally Posted: 9/3/2014; Updated 9/20/2022

Paying attention to detail and not overlooking the importance of owning your own pair of custom bowling shoes make a difference when seeking bowling accuracy and sliding ease.

If you are a new bowler or recently getting serious about your game, then make sure you own a good pair of bowling shoes so your steps and slide into the foul line are consistent and so you can maintain balance.

There are a variety of bowling shoes available in today’s market. Some shoes are inexpensive and comfortable but may not offer the sliding stability to prevent wobbling as you walk to the foul line.

Owning a good pair of shoes promotes stability and helps you slide consistently and smoothly which translates into a definite advantage over lesser quality shoes.

Try to avoid cutting “cost corners” when it comes to bowling shoes. No shoes are necessarily ultra-expensive in relation to the cost of bowling balls but the more expensive shoe options offer the stability, comfort, and durability you are looking for along with sliding and traction advantages. A great "budget-friendly" yet high quality & performance brand is Pyramid. Pyramid bowling shoes are highly rated and stand the test of time.

Some pairs of custom shoes provide interchangeable sliding soles and traction heels for varying approach surfaces and approach friction factors. Pyramid also makes a higher performance shoe with interchangeable heels and souls called the "HPX", found here

On slippery approaches, you want traction. On tacky approach surfaces you will want smooth sliding soles and heels which do not dig into the approach so you attain the consistent transition from your step before your slide into and through the entire slide process.

Some shoes provide built up heels to help you get your weight to transfer onto your sliding soles easily and smoothly. One level heels and soles are typically the staple of athletic type bowling shoes.

The most important factor other than attaining a good slide consistently is to not wobble while you walk due to the shoes not being wide enough to provide the lateral stability needed so you avoid a loss of balance during your approach.

Be sure to try on various types of bowling shoes before you purchase your next pair to make certain you know precisely which style of shoe best suits your game.

Paying attention to these little details pertaining to bowling shoes can be the difference between maintaining balance and good shotmaking versus inconsistent shots.

If you have any questions about bowling shoe options, check with your local pro shop professional and discuss the differences in shoe construction to find the best choice for your game.

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