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Bowling Etiquette Tips

Keep good sportsmanship and consideration of other people in mind and you should have all of the bases covered. Here are a few tips that should help.

When Open Bowling:

  • Always wear bowling shoes.

  • Try and stay behind the foul line.

  • Wait for bowlers on the lanes to your right or left.

  • Do not stray from your lane after delivering the ball.

  • Keep food and drinks in designated areas.

  • Try and keep your fun and games to within your own group.

When League Bowling:
  • Show up in time for practice

  • Be prepared to take your regular turn on the lanes.

  • Try not to take too much time on the approaches before delivery.

  • We all get emotional just try and not let them interfere with others while they are bowling.
  • Keep one ball per person on the rack.

  • Don't try and take two lane courtesy on either side when everyone else is taking one. It throws off the rhythm of the league.

  • always welcomes suggestions. If you think of anything that should be added just drop us an email at [email protected]