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Bowling Ball Core Designs

Every bowling ball with the latest core design technology on the market today is available here at our site. Virtually all bowling ball core designs by leading manufacturers domestically can be found at discounted prices and with free shipping at
It is generally acknowledged that the chief component of a bowling ball is the coverstock which provides the gripping power a ball has on the actual lane surface. The inner-core designs control or influence the length of skid in the front part of the lane and the amount of break on the back end of the lane based upon the given construction process.

First, manufacturers will design inner-cores made of urethane and polymer based products in varying density ranges, shapes, and number of pieces and mass density so the end result will influence the overall ball motion predictably as the ball travels down the lane. Cores with the most mass density placed closest to the center of the bowling ball will tend to roll soonest and skid less than cores with the mass placed furthest from the center of the bowling ball and closer to the coverstock location. It can be said that the inner-cores are length-controlling devices when referring to a bowling ball as it travels down a lane.

As an example, when bowling ball core designs include a shape which places mass in specific areas near the center of the ball and also places mass to the top of the ball, the overall ball motion will become one which promotes early roll to fight front end excessive oil coupled with a strong back end reaction from the break point to the pocket. Other core designs will produce somewhat different results in ball reaction capabilities.

Varying shapes, numbers of pieces in the core designs, and mass distribution in multiple core locations will all enable the manufacturer to produce given ball reactions planned by the design engineers.

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