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What Is Most Important To Know About Symmetric And Asymmetric Bowling Balls?

If you are averaging between 160 and 180 and are taking increasingly more interest in choosing the right equipment, then you are likely asking what is most important to know about symmetric and asymmetric bowling balls?

This means you want the boiled down information without the science and high technology explanations?

Not always easy to explain but here goes:

Bowling ball symmetry is all about bowling ball core shapes and construction.

The term differential (Differential of Radius Of Gyration) and the amount of track flare potential describes the degree of bowling ball symmetry.

Symmetrical drilled bowling balls yield small differential measurements and have low track flare. Symmetric balls produce a smooth, controllable ball motion as the ball travels down the lane.

Asymmetrical drilled balls show a defined, angular motion and will create more area at the break point by responding to friction faster than will symmetrical balls.

The higher the differential, the greater the track flare potential and the more asymmetrical the bowling ball becomes.

Conversely, the smaller the differential and track flare, the less asymmetrical the ball becomes.

In most inner-bowling circles, the bowling ball coverstock, the degree of ball symmetry, and the drilling layout options are the three most important considerations when selecting a new bowling balls.

If you want a smooth arcing motion ball motion, choose a symmetric bowling ball before choosing a coverstock aggressiveness and layout options.

If you want a stronger back end ball motion, choose an asymmetric ball before choosing the coverstock aggressiveness and layout options.

The high technology science in modern bowling balls can be overwhelming unless you are a real student of the game.

If you want to keep it simple when choosing your next bowling ball, start with the ball symmetry ratings before picking the coverstock and layout options.

Your pro shop professional or operator (PSO) can certainly be a huge help in these matters.

That is about as simplified as it gets.

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