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Bowling Balance Tips For Beginners

By:, 4/26/16

Learning to make a well balanced approach is a fundamental key to good bowling results.

Balance begins with a good set up on the approach and ends with a good finishing position at the foul line for accurate bowling ball deliveries.

Here are good tips to build into your developing game as a new bowler:

*Flex your knees and tilt your upper body forward slightly from an upright stance position.

*Pre-set your bowling shoulder fairly level with your other shoulder.

*Allow your non-bowling arm to sweep away to the side of your body at about waist high as you begin your arm swing.

*Maintain knee flex throughout each step of your approach.

*Maintain a constant spine angle tilted slightly forward while you walk and swing your bowling ball.

*Keep your head as motionless as possible while swinging and while releasing your bowling ball.

*Allow sufficient knee flex in your sliding leg to support the full weight of your body as you slide into the line.

*Slide straight into the foul line and towards the center of your body.

*Follow through to finish your swing about shoulder high and toward your aim point on the lane.

*Avoid rushing your steps.

Good balance stems from maintaining proper body posture throughout your approach free of any wasted motion.

It is important to hold your form at the foul line after you have released your bowling ball until the ball reaches your aim point.

Follow these simple tips to develop your bowling game.Avoid rushing your steps.