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Basic Bowling Footwork Tips

If you are averaging 150 or less, perhaps you might consider a few tips for basic footwork; fundamental techniques which are always good to practice. Good footwork fundamentals are the cornerstone of developing a sound bowling approach.

Here are a few tips:

1. Use your natural length walking stride for consistent footwork.

2. A very good strategy is to keep your head and shoulders stable and motionless while walking to the foul line.

3. You should have a smooth walking motion to the foul line with a slight heel-to-toe action leading into the slide step. Each step should match in pace with the previous and be fairly uniform in length to prevent loss of balance. You will gain momentum each step you take and this will help you develop good arm swing speed.

4. The slide step should glide into the approach with most of your weight balanced on the ball of your sliding foot and ending with your weight becoming more evenly distributed on the sliding heel and sole of your bowling shoe.

5. Maintain a slight amount of knee flex during the first three steps and allow the knee of your sliding leg to flex slightly more on the slide so the big muscles of your sliding leg are brought into use.

6. Walking your lines is key to achieving a good arm-swing and accuracy when delivering the bowling ball. A good objective is to slide on a predetermined board at the foul line. Limit the amount of drift, either to the left or to the right, to about two boards from the initial set-up alignment.

If possible, train yourself to arrive precisely on the board where you intend to slide for maximum accuracy. It is important to walk consistent lines regardless of where you align yourself on the approach. Walking consistent lines with the same pace of steps from shot to shot allows your arm swing and release to also become repetitive and will help you build overall accuracy in controlling your bowling ball.

We always recommend you consult with a professional bowling coach to help you with your game fundamentals.