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As A New Bowler, Which Bowling Ball Should I Buy?

By:, 11/26/15
So you ask as a new bowler, what bowling ball should I buy?

In short, there are entry level bowling ballavailable in the market today very inexpensively. Typically, pro shops will suggest using a plastic ball to get your started in the game.

The most important thing for safety purposes and for learning to develop an effective release technique is to buy a ball and have it professionally drilled to custom fit your hand and fingers.

Another relatively inexpensive bowling ball is a urethane ball which has slightly more traction on the lane and creates slightly more hook once you develop a good delivery technique.

By the way, consider taking a lesson from an instructor to help you develop your game and use your bowling ball effectively.

A coach will help you learn a spare shooting system and help you learn to align to the pocket based on your release and ball reaction.

For a small initial investment, you can get a new ball and take a lesson to use the ball properly so you cut down the waiting time in learning to bowl and building your own game.

Plastic bowling balls provide good skid distance on the front half of the lane and can hook on the back end of the lane to help you get angle on the pocket and improve your chances of getting strikes.

With a hook delivery, you can play the lane oil pattern used by the maintenance team to your advantage in gaining a consistent and reliable ball reaction making it easy to shoot at routine spares as well as try for strikes.

Get in the habit of keeping your ball surface clean and free of oil and dirt. Use a ball cleaner substance you can purchase inexpensively with your new ball.

You will then be able to wipe away the unwanted oil and dirt from your ball coverstock (the cover of the ball) between deliveries and after you complete your bowling session before putting the ball back into your bowling bag.

It does not take much investment to get you going in the game. Buy a new ball and begin to enjoy your time on the lanes.