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Align To Your Bowling Aim Point

By:, Originally Posted: 4/22/17; Updated: 1/5/2021

If you are a new bowler learning the game, align to your bowling aim point.

Simply stated, keep your chin facing your bowling target during your approach and as you release your bowling ball.

Think of your chin and your eyes as directional range finders pointing to your sight target on the lane. Doing so will help minimize your head movement too for a more accurate release.

Also, keep the front portion of your bowling shoulder aligned to the same aim point.

By doing so, you give yourself a very good chance at releasing your ball to the aim point and develop improving accuracy.

Keeping your chin and eyes “zeroed in” on your aim point also implies you are focused on your target. Proper follow through is also key. 

Focusing on your target and not allowing your mind to wander by thinking through every mechanical movement of your approach leads to a determination to release your ball toward your aim point.

Focusing on your aim point also means to take dead aim.

Zero in on where you want to ball to go and fully commit to that target.

There are no absolutes with alignment systems but lining up your chin and bowling shoulder to your aim point will certainly help you improve your accuracy.

Another alignment key is good swing tempo. Good swing tempo helps you develop a flowing swing motion and force fewer deliveries out of anxiety. By reproducing the same swing motion each time you can deliver your bowling ball at a constant ball speed to your target which, in turn, leads to improving your accuracy. Consistent swing tempo allows for consistent walking tempo and leads to good timing.


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