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Why Is Owning Bowling Shoes Important?

By:, Originally Posted: 2/1/16, Updated 11/18/2020

If you would like to know why owning bowling shoes is important, there are a few reasons you should strongly consider about owning your own.

First, owning bowling shoes will save you money. The continuously rising cost of renting shoes at bowling centers will add up to the cost of owning your own pair of shoes after only a few times you bowl. Also, given today's health codes and new standards, owning your own shoes may be considered "safer" than renting.

If you are a new bowler or recently getting serious about bowling often, then make sure you own a good pair of bowling shoes so your steps and slide into the foul line are consistent and so you can maintain balance.

Bowling shoes provide balance and stability as you walk and swing your bowling ball.

On slippery approaches, you want traction. On tacky approach surfaces you will want smooth sliding soles and heels.

Owning your own bowling shoes promotes a smooth and consistent slide step when delivering your bowling ball. This is a certain advantage over lesser quality house rental shoes.

Another advantage in owning your own shoes is not having to wear shoes previously worn repeatedly by the public as is the case with rental shoes.

There are a variety of bowling shoes available in today’s market.

Some shoes are inexpensive and comfortable and are designed to be athletic shoes styles for bowlers.

Other shoes are traditional in style and offer the stability, comfort, and durability you are looking for along with sliding and traction advantages.

In fact, some pairs of custom shoes provide interchangeable sliding soles and traction heels for varying approach surfaces and approach friction factors.

Some shoes provide built up heels to help you get your weight to transfer onto your sliding soles easily and smoothly.

If you are considering getting your own pair of bowling shoes, check with your local pro shop professional and discuss the differences in shoe construction, style, colors, and feel so you make the best decision for your needs.

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