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New Release: Storm Lock Bowling Ball

Storm Lock:

The Lock is Storm's newest Premier line bowling ball. This ball features and brand new core and brand new coverstock technology, something we haven't seen in some time from Storm. The new RAD-X asymmetric coverstock was modeled after the RAD core technology from the X-Factor line (one of the most successful cores in history). This core offers absolute max flare and change of direction once the ball makes its move. Pair that with the new GI-15 Hybrid coverstock and you've got a ball with the perfect amount of length, huge backend and the correct entry angle in to the pocket. This is the key to pin carry and strikes. Storm is ready to change the bowling world again with the Lock!

Secure your win with the Storm Lock!

The RAD-X Core features the Radial Accelerating Disk design which delivers an incredibly low RG with a massive differential and Mass Bias differential - delivering massive hook potential from the inside out!

Combined with the GI-15 Hybrid Reactive coverstock, this ball delivers a delayed hook with an absolutely obliterating backend. Finished to a 3000-Grit Abralon factory finish, this ball has teeth.

Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the Lock:

To help create the perfect breakpoint, we engineered a new weight block shape and surrounded it with a nearly-lethal coverstock. Remember that the weight block is considered to be the engine of the bowling ball. This new asymmetrical RAD-X Core is built on the same platform which powered other RAD (Radial Accelerating Disk) designs throughout Storm’s rich history. Its dynamic design with super-dense materials produces superior hook and ball motion. You can really see it rev up!

The Lock is currently selling for $169.99 and rates a 234.40

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