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As You Progress In The Game, Bowling Shoes Really Matter

By:, Originally Posted: 2/2/16; Updated: 1/30/2024

If you are no longer a new bowler and now are bowling regularly in leagues, practicing, and bowling in occasional tournaments, it is good to know that as you progress in the game, bowling shoes really matter.

Do not overlook the importance of using a good pair of bowling shoes when bowling in competition. You simply cannot afford to lose walking stability and smooth sliding capabilities by not owning a good pair of bowling shoes.

As you advance in the game, your footwork is very important for walking balance leading to reliable accuracy and ball skid distance control.

In the market today, you can advance from using athletic style bowling shoes to a more traditionally designed shoe with built up heels and good sliding soles providing good traction on slippery approaches and smooth sliding capabilities on tacky approaches.

Some shoes provide built up heels to help you get your weight to transfer onto your sliding soles easily and smoothly.

There are custom shoes providing interchangeable sliding soles and traction heels for varying approach surfaces and approach friction factors.

When taking the step before your final step, using the right sliding sole to match best with the approaches is vital in maintaining balance and traction when releasing your ball.

Cutting corners to save a little money when purchasing bowling shoes may not be to any advantage if you are serious about improving your game.

Check out the many differences in shoe construction at your local pro shop as well as the colors, designs, styles, and comfort.

To make the right decision in buying your next pair of bowling shoes, consider the following factors:

*Walking Stability
*Design and Style

Use the type of shoes you can depend on when bowling in competition. Avoid taking for granted the importance bowling shoes make when you are working to bowl your best.

As you progress in the game, bowling shoes really matter.

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