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As A New Bowler, What Should I Know About The Game?

If you ask as a new bowler, what should I know about the game, the answer lies with the knowledge that not everyone can participate in other games, other sports.

Everyone, however, can bowl. You may be an individual who simply does not or cannot play baseball, football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, golf, or other sports, but you can bowl.

Bowling is a social and recreational game attracting more than 100 million people who engage in bowling at least one time per year worldwide.

Bowling can be a sport with strong competitive aspects as well as a social or recreational game enjoyed with family and friends.

Bowling provides ranges of events where anyone can compete against others in their same relative skill levels.

Leagues are an important competition in bowling with tournaments the second most popular competitive aspect of the sport.

Here is what you should know about leagues:

*Leagues are for bowlers of any age.

*Leagues vary from scratch to handicap formats which allow for bowlers ranging in skill to compete on a level playing field.

*Bowling leagues with friends or family is both fun and can be a mild form of competition.

*Bowling is relatively an inexpensive activity; leagues offer awards and prize monies for teams and for individuals.

*League bowling does not have to be stressful; leagues offer an easy and relaxed atmosphere.

Tournaments offer similar features:

*Tournament bowling offers direct competition for individuals as well as teams.

*Tournaments can be of longer duration than leagues and are a test of athleticism and stamina.

*Tournaments provide immediate payoffs for top finishing positions upon completion of competition.

Bowling leagues and tournaments offer handicap and scratch formats so anyone at virtually any skill level can participate.

If you are considering becoming involved in the game, you will find an abundance of qualified bowling instructors in every area of the country to help you learn the fundamentals of the game.

Although bowling appears very easy to do, it is very challenging to do well.

As a new bowler, you can have fun and find enjoyment in a climate controlled bowling center as a year round activity with friends and family.

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