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89-year-old Wisconsin bowler is oldest to roll perfect game

When Fran Lasee rolled a 300 game earlier this year, it was the fifth time in his bowling career he had thrown a perfect game.
But this 300 game had special significance because it came just a few weeks after Lasee's 89th birthday, making his the oldest person to throw a perfect game in a United States Bowling Congress certified league.
His 300 game was part of a 693 series - 198, 300, 195 - at Willow Creek Lanes in Green Bay, Wis., on Jan. 4, 2010. Bowling in the Aurora BayCare Senior Classic League, Lasee was averaging 198 at the time of the accomplishment.
Lasee, of De Pere, Wis., said he was not nervous on the final shots of the 300, saying he had good carry and it proved to be "one of my easier 300 games."
Lasee started bowling about 74 years ago, on a two-lane alley where he worked as a pinsetter. He currently bowls in three leagues and averages 201, 198 and 185 in those leagues.
"I averaged 200 in all my leagues until a few years ago," said Lasee, who was elected to the Green Bay Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1979. "I'm an old left-hander and they say it's easier on the left side."
Lasee retired in 1975 from the Wisconsin State Reformatory after a 25-year career. But it was his part-time work as a stone-cutter, which he did until he was almost 80, which he says helped keep him in shape for bowling.
Charlie Schoenung, president of the Aurora BayCare Senior Classic League, said Lasee has been a top bowler in the area for decades.
"I'm going to be 66 and I remember watching him bowl in a scratch league when I was in high school." Schoenung said. "It seems to me he is throwing the same way."
Schoenung pointed out the fact Lasee used the same ball for the 300 game that he used to reach another honor score.
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