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Bowling Release And Loft

By:, 10/6/16

Your bowling release and loft are interrelated techniques.

If you alter your release to either increase or decrease bowling ball skid distance, you likely will alter your loft distance as well.

If you alter your bowling ball loft distance, your release also changes somewhat.

Your loft distance is primarily controlled by your shoulder elevation from the floor.

Loft distance is also determined by the moment the ball exits your hand relative to your sliding bowling shoe.

If you alter your release, you alter your bowling ball axis of rotation and tilt which, in turn, alters your ball reaction.

Change your release, change your loft distance. Change your loft distance, change your release.

Both will change your ball reaction so, therefore, both are classified as adjustments from your normal bowling technique.

To avoid confusion or controversy, consider several other factors which also affect your ball skid distance and overall ball reaction:

*Regulate your ball speed once you determine just how fast you should deliver your ball on a given lane condition.

*Enter your sliding step in a well balance, athletic posture and hold that form at the foul line until your ball leaves your hand.

*Let your bowling ball exit your hand between the back of your sliding bowling shoe heel and the toe of your shoe near your laces and then adjust slightly from that point of release depending on how far you wish for your ball to contact the lane surface beyond the foul line.

*Avoid decelerating your follow through motion which cause a loss of ball speed and possibly a loss in skid distance and loft distance control.

*Do not rotate your bowling fingers and thumb before your ball reaches the bottom of your forward swing arc.

*Strive to deliver your ball between 6” to 18” beyond the foul line but a longer loft distance can sometimes be useful with given lane conditions.

It is best to settle on one loft distance with only a few inches of variation so you develop a consistent release motion. Consistent ball loft distance and release techniques lead to good shotmaking. Good shotmaking is a key to accuracy and hitting the pocket frequently. With practice, you will improve your loft distance control as well as your moment of release leading you to improved your accuracy.


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