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Step Up Your Level Of Bowling Competition, Originally Posted: 7/2/2013; Updated: 4/21/2023

If you have been working long and hard at improving your game and wish to reach your potential, step up your level of bowling competition.
If you have put a great deal of effort into sharpening your physical game skills and feel you are bowling as well as ever, it is time to test yourself against strong competition.
Working hard on your game, both mentally and physically, is an important part of reaching your bowling potential. The other part is ably performing against stiff competition.
Competition is a relative to the skill levels of those you play against. Perhaps you have enjoyed success in your present leagues or tournaments. If so, gear up and face the next strongest competition you can find and test yourself against successful bowlers at that level.
Search for the strongest leagues in your area and join a team where you can test your skills against the best players locally. If you are already in such a league, find tournaments to compete against bowlers who bowl for prizes regularly and are seasoned in doing so.
You may already bowl occasional tournaments as team competitions. If so, try adding bowling singles tournaments where you face everyone in the field by yourself.
There is nothing quite like the thrill of winning a tournament and performing well under the gun. Although leagues prepare you for competitive tournament bowling, you must face the strongest levels of players a step above your current competition to push yourself to the limit.
If you typically have bowled only in handicap tournaments, consider scratch tournaments where you match your scores with the scores of other players. Many amateur tournament groups offer scratch and handicap divisions where you can bowl against the best talent in your area.
The key is to not step into the arena against professionals if you are just graduating from handicap leagues into scratch leagues. Find a middle ground so you can develop as a player before reaching for the highest levels in your area.

Once you have reached the highest levels of competition in your area, seek the strongest level of talent to bowl against elsewhere by traveling to bowl. In selected events you can test your skills against a very strong grade of talent.
No one expects every bowler to graduate into the ranks of the professionals, but you can strive to reach your potential by finding the strongest levels of amateur competition.
If you are a relatively new bowler bowling beyond the basic level of handicap leagues and want to bowl with better players, check out competitive leagues in your area, join one or more, and step up the level of challenges you will face each week.
Be selective in choosing the right leagues for your needs. It might be necessary to change teams or leagues if your present teams are not serious tournament bowlers and only like to bowl for fun regardless of the outcome. Keeping an open mind and choosing the right competition levels in leagues will only help you when you enter tournaments.
Improving in the game is a progression in skill development and in the levels of competition you face. Bowling against other skilled players can be both fun and rewarding, regardless of your age or experience level in the sport. If you want to get the best out of your game, step up your level of competition.
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