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Pyramid Bowling Launches New Phoenix Ball Revivor Staff Writer


Pyramid Bowling proudly announces their newest product to the bowling industry: The Phoenix Personal Ball Revivor 2022 BLACK FRIDAY DEAL. Pyramid’s daily goal is to bring the highest quality products at the most affordable price and they have done just that with this new product.

What is the Phoenix? The Phoenix is a personal ball revivor - a machine used to “bake” or heat your bowling balls to a safe temperature to remove dirt and oil that have been absorbed into the coverstock. As you use bowling balls overtime, even with routine cleaning, they will absorb the oil and dirt on the lanes which may lessen ball performance.

What makes the Phoenix different from other revivors on the market? The Phoenix has two revolutionary qualities that are unlike anything else out there. First, the heating system. The Phoenix heats your bowling ball from the bottom to ensure proper extraction of the dirt and oil without allowing them to soak deeper into your bowling balls’ coverstock. Other machines on the market heat from the top, which opens the pores of your bowling ball and allows the oil and dirt to run even deeper into the cover. Because the Phoenix heats from the bottom, this allows gravity to work it’s magic and pull the oil to the surface of the ball instead. The Phoenix heats up to (1) preset temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit, which is safe for all coverstocks and will not cause your bowling ball to crack as long as the unit is used as suggested. There is a ventilated lid located on the top of the unit which will allow small amounts of heat to escape to prevent your ball from overheating. The second unique quality of the Phoenix is the specially designed ventilated removable ball cup. The uniquely designed ball cup serves as a ventilated base while using your Phoenix but is also removable and can be used as a ball cup for any other purpose. This piece sits directly over top of the heating element. The “pyramid-shaped” holes in the ball cup allow for the heat to reach all parts of your ball for the best results possible.

How do you use the Phoenix? The Phoenix has (1) on/off button located on the front just under the digital display. Once you have pushed the On/Off button once, the display will flash between the set temperature and the time remaining in the session. The Phoenix performs in 30 minute increments. Pyramid suggests (2) sessions for one full treatment. You should first place the ball with the gripping holes down for (1) session (30 minutes) and second with the gripping holes facing up for (1) session (30 minutes). This would make (1) full treatment 60 minutes total. The Phoenix will automatically shut-off after 30 minutes and sound a small “beep” once it is complete. This auto shut-off will ensure that you will not overheat your bowling ball or leave it in the unit for too long. To flip the ball between sessions, please use caution as the ball may be warm to the touch. Due to the overall low amount of oil that a ball absorbs in a normal amount of games, the Phoenix may not extract oil each and every time you use it. This is completely normal - although oil may not appear on the surface of the ball, rest assured the Phoenix is working. Balls with a higher amount of games on them with more oil in the coverstock will extract oil at a higher rate. If oil has been pulled to the surface of your ball, simply use a bit of ball cleaner and a microfiber towel to remove it. If any oil gets on the surface of your Phoenix, you may use the same ball cleaner and towel to remove it. Again, due to the nature of the overall low amount of oil absorbed into a bowling ball, you should not experience any oil leaking into the machine.

Is the Phoenix transportable? YES! It is. The Phoenix was designed to assemble quickly and easily as well as break down for easier storage or transportation. The Phoenix has (6) total side wall pieces. (3) pieces are snapped together using the “UP/DOWN” arrows to create (1) cylinder piece. There will be (2) total cylinder pieces once all (6) are assembled. Once you have the (2) cylinder pieces, it does not matter which one is on the top or bottom. Also, the “joints” (where the pieces snap together) on the cylinders may be positioned in any matter. They do not need to be lined up on top and bottom as long as the cylinders are sitting flush with each other and the base heating element.

Is the Phoenix safe to use? Very safe. In fact, the Pyramid Phoenix is the ONLY revivor on the market that has been certified and listed with the ETL to ensure it meets all safety requirements to be solid in North America. The Phoenix only comes in 110 volt at this time.

The Phoenix was created and tested by bowlers for bowlers for over three years. After careful testing and diligent research, Pyramid has found this unit to perform at optimal performance and achieves the best results.

Please watch this overview video for in depth walk-through of the Phoenix Revivor:

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