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How Do I Stop Getting Mad In My League?

If you are asking how do I stop getting mad in my league, learn to bowl smart.

In bowling, there are many things which can stir anger within you if you permit them to do so.

Anger will eventually tumble you into a series of poor shots and overall performance.

Emotion in the right way can motivate you to excel, to succeed in making good, quality shots.

Getting mad, however, is an emotion which serves only to prolong your chances at getting back on track.

Although getting mad raises your awareness with surges of adrenaline, this additional energy is not useful energy because your brain will focus on negative issues rather than on what you must do to correct your methods and move forward in a positive direction.

Getting “tapped” (rapped) beyond a reasonable degree of frequency can test your emotions.

If you cannot seem to breakdown “splits” when hitting the “nose” or carry the corner pins on solid pocket hits, your emotions become tested.

You might be getting such a poor ball reaction that any adjustment you try does not seem to work. This is when you get angry and force your delivery with poor results sure to follow.

When you get “tapped”, the sheet emotion of feeling as though you are unlucky can cause you to lose focus on the spare and can result in missing the routine spare.

If that anger carries over into your next frame, you may find yourself making another poor shot which, in turn, causes you to leave difficult spare pin combinations and leads to unneeded open frames adversely affecting your scores.

There are any number of reasons why you can become frustrated while bowling and are, therefore, susceptible to falling below your best levels of performance.

If you fully practice remaining calm, taking a step back to figure out a solution to your frustrations before delivering your next shot, you will find in time it will help you get things worked out and begin getting improved results.

Avoiding getting mad begins with the recognition that emotions will flare up during competition but that you can take a moment to allow them to pass.

Examine specific points you can do to overcome negative emotions.

Purposefully reduce your levels of tension.

When you get your nerves get on edge, breathe slowly in and out and release tension.

Rely on controlled breathing, on inhaling and exhaling slowly, to steady your nerves.

Your mind is the real key in getting your physical motion working effectively and overcoming nerves or bad emotions.

Remember that your brain commands your physical body motion.

If you are asking how do I stop getting mad in my league, just remember to tell yourself everyone encounters bad breaks or makes poor shots but those who can quickly rid themselves of the raw emotions mixed with anger are the bowlers who will succeed.

It will pay dividends if you bowl smart.

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