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How Do I Control My Temper When Bowling?, Originally Posted: 1/17/2015; Updated: 7/15/2022

If you ask how do I control my temper when bowling, you begin by understanding some key triggers to your anger on the lanes.

We have all bowled with a person who has lost composure and a poor performance followed.

It is never fun to witness someone getting angry beyond reason over a bad break or over a poor shot or when they lose.

Don’t become that person.

This person may have simply given up after a poor first few frames, a sure sign of a poor attitude.

A poor attitude in competition can lead to an outburst of emotion.

You cannot bowl well consistently when mad or when you get tense which causes anger to take over your reasoning abilities.

When you bowl well, one good shot follows another. The same holds true when you get angry and deliver a poor shot. One poor shot follows another, and so on.

Successful players will keep working after a poor start or after making a series of errant deliveries. But instead of letting their score get to their attitude and then lose their temper, they grind it out trying to make good shots until they start striking again.

Top tier players have a no-give-up attitude.

This attitude sets them up for future victories.

Grinding out games on a frame by frame basis and not throwing away shots out of frustration is the best way to build your mental toughness and get back in stride.

When you maintain composure, you will begin bowling well sooner than when holding anger or emotion inside.

Learn to walk away for a few seconds and calm yourself when you feel your blood about to boil.

Use the energy you would expend getting angry to fuel your competitiveness in making good shots and overcome bad experiences on the lanes.

As humans, we can choose our attitude and how to view negative outcomes so we can reverse a bad attitude and develop a positive mental outlook.

Even when you get mad, never let your opponents know. The old saying is to never let them see you sweat.

By controlling your emotions and focusing instead on what you can do to make good shots, you will eventually succeed.

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