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How Do I Change My Bowling Ball Reaction?, Originally Posted: 2/9/2015; Updated: 7/6/2022

If you are asking how do I change my bowling ball reaction, then be advised that there are several factors which can change the ball reaction.

Some factors affecting your ball reaction are the type of release technique you use, your ball path angle of attack when aligning to the pocket, your ball speed, your loft distance, how far down the lane you sight at your chosen target, the drilling layout you choose, and the surface texture and core design of your bowling ball.

All of these bowling adjustments contribute to your ball reaction.

Making a change in one or more of these options, even subtle or slight changes, can affect your overall ball reaction.

The better you learn to play this game, the more you learn which adjustments are needed the most and when they are needed.

Then there is the primary factor that you can alter your ball reaction by altering the surface texture of your bowling balls prior to the start of competition.

If there is one factor that many bowlers postpone and should not is routine surface maintenance of their bowling ball equipment.

It is important to know that changing the surface friction of your equipment changes the ball traction on the lane surface and you can either increase or decrease ball skid distance.

You have the option of changing your bowling ball surface texture yourself or having the pro shop professionals do the job for you.

If you purchase a series of grit pads and keep them in your accessory bag along with ball cleaner and polish, you can actually change the texture to the surface of your bowling ball as needed.

By carrying grit pads in your bowling bag, you can refresh the ball surface to any desired texture upon completion of bowling and have your ball surface ready for your next competitive session.

If you choose not to texture your bowling ball surfaces yourself, it is recommended to bring the equipment to your local pro shop and have the surfaces refreshed every 20 to 30 games.

A complete resurface job should be done every 60 to 80 games to keep your ball surfaces in good shape and retain the good ball reaction you enjoyed when the equipment was new.

Experimentation is the real key regardless if you alter the surface texture of your equipment or have the pro shop do the work.

Asking how do I change my bowling ball reaction is best addressed by knowing how your ball should best match with local lane conditions. Your ball surface strategies are important pieces of the equation in preparing your equipment for competition.

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