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Friendly Bowling Advice

By:, Originally Posted: 7/10/16; Updated: 3/6/2022

If you are averaging between 160 and 180, be careful of friendly bowling advice.

If your game is in need of some improvement and you wish to invest some time in doing so, the quickest and best path is to seek the services of a professional instructor trained and experienced in working with bowlers.

Although you may be hearing or reading tips from bowlers who have good intentions to help, random tips may not be what is the best way for you to proceed.

Using an experienced instructor who can both watch your game in real time and then chart a practice plan to get your game in good order is always the safest and most reliable method to follow.

Not to say that a random tip here and there by a teammate, as example, can’t be of some positive use but implementation of the suggested technique can take you off course unless the tip is extremely easy to use.

It is always an advantage to have a talented and trained pair of eyes watch you bowl and help pinpoint the steps you will need to take to adjust or develop any new physical game technique.

Of course, if you simply read a tip in a magazine, the information may be spot on but why risk faltering when trying to use the tip details when no one is present to observe that you are, in fact, accomplishing what advice the tip has offered.

Actually, this article is offering a tip and that tip is to avoid trying to make any wholesale changes to your game unless you consult with an experienced coach and develop a plan to make these changes.

A tip such as “avoid forcing your swing and release” is not really a swing change but rather a reminder to use far less arm tension to control the bowling ball. A tip such as relax and take deep breaths is an OK tip to trust without a coach being present.

Changing your footwork walking pattern or your swing path, as examples, are much more involved processes so using a coach is absolutely the way to successfully making the changes.

There are always time tested and proven tips which can apply generally to most all bowlers.

To be absolutely sure, however, that you are heading toward progress with your game, you must take lessons and have a top coach watch you bowl while analyzing your game and while adding technique adjustments as needed to help you strengthen your game skills.

If you must travel a distance to visit a top coach, then the trip will be worthwhile once you begin to experience progress with your game.

There are so many facets to coaching that you will not be limited to working only on one part of your game.

Not only can a good coach can help your physical game, the coach (male or female) can also help you identify spare shooting techniques you may be lacking, help you choose your bowling equipment and work with your pro shop to set up your bowling ball arsenal, and help you understand the range of alignment and adjustment options you have to hit the pocket consistently.

Keep it simple and work with a coach so you develop a bond with good communication between yourself and the coach. You will find the path toward improvement far easier than using random tips which may or may not get to the heart of what you really need.

If the best pro’s have used coaches to get their games to a highly competitive level, then it is very likely a coach will help you your game?

It is OK to accept friendly bowling advice but it is usually best to get this advice from an instructor with proven credentials in helping bowlers improve their games.

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