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Don't Expect Too Much From Your Bowling Ball

Updated 6/4/2020

If you are trying to raise your average and seem to be stuck in a bowling rut, it's a good idea to stop expecting your bowling ball to save your game. Don't expect too much from your bowling ball.
When you select a new bowling ball with the help of your pro shop professional or a team member here at, you typically select the type of coverstock you need to match best with local lane conditions where you bowl.
The coverstock is the real key to attaining a good ball reaction based on your delivery style.
If you expect too much performance from that bowling ball after you have drilled it and worked with it, you are not relying on the other keys to bowling success.
Your bowling ball is not the total answer to achieving improved bowling scores. You must also rely on good alignment decisions and on making sensible adjustments as the lanes change during your competitive sessions.
Additionally, you must rely on your ability to make accurate deliveries to a properly selected sighting target based on the given lane conditions.
Once you make a good shot, your bowling ball has the opportunity to react effectively and hit the pocket.
All you can expect is that a good delivery will result in your bowling ball hitting the pocket. If you hit the pocket enough times, your fair share of strikes will happen.
There is no “magic” in bowling balls.
Modern bowling ball technology provides a nice range of potential ball reactions. If you make a smart coverstock choice, if you have the ball drilled with a controllable layout (the location where the finger and thumb holes are drilled), and if you maintain a surface texture to provide the right amount of traction on the given the lane conditions, you create the best chances of hitting the pocket consistently.

It is also important to clean the surface of your bowling ball after each session on the lanes with a cleaner like Monster Tac. In fact, if you wipe away oil and possible dirt from the ball surface between deliveries, you will preserve a consistent ball motion during your time on the lanes.
Manufacturers are wise in giving us options to alter ball motion by changing the degree of texture to the coverstock surfaces and by choosing a given drilling layout to achieve the overall desired ball reaction we seek.
Get into the habit of having your pro shop professionals administer periodic surface maintenance to your bowling ball. To preserve a consistent ball reaction, you must maintain the ball surface routinely.
The rest is up to you and your decision making on the lanes. Your bowling ball can work very effectively if you learn the art of getting aligned to the pocket and making adjustments as you go along in your competitive play.
Your bowling ball can certainly be your friend but you must also rely on your own abilities to make good shots and pick up your spares.
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