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Don't Bowl Mad, Bowl Smart, Originally Posted: 11/6/2014; Updated: 8/12/2022

When things are not going your way in competition, don’t bowl mad, bowl smart.

There are so many things which can cause you to get very upset or frustrated and that unless you learn to control those emotions, you can tumble quickly into continuing poor performances.

Getting mad can only prolong your chances at getting back on track.

Although getting mad raises your awareness with surges of adrenaline, this additional energy may not convert into useful energy and can cause you make mistakes you normally would not make.

If you are getting “tapped” beyond a reasonable amount, it can test your emotions. If you cannot seem to breakdown “splits” when hitting the “nose”, your emotions again become tested.

You might be getting such a poor ball reaction that any adjustment you try does not seem to work and you cannot hit the pocket properly resulting in tough spare combinations or worse.

There are any number of reasons why you can become frustrated while bowling and are, therefore, susceptible to falling below your best levels of performance.

If you fully realize, however, that remaining calm, taking a step back to figure out a solution to your frustrations, just might be the difference in getting things worked out and begin getting improved results.

Examine what you can do to overcome negative emotions.

Purposefully reduce your levels of tension.

When you get your nerves tangles with emotion, learn to breath slowly in and out and release tension.

Rely on controlled breathing, on inhaling and exhaling slowly, to steady your nerves.

Anxiety resulting from getting upset can cause you to get out of your proven routine for bowling success.

It is important to understand that your brain is the real key to getting your physical motion working effectively and overcoming nerves or bad emotions.

Good bowling performances are derived from being well practiced and from being mentally focused on what you do best while in competition.

Remember that your brain commands your physical body motion. It will pay dividends if you don’t bowl mad, bowl smart.

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