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Do You Prefer Easy Or Challenging Bowling Lane Conditions?

By:, 1/12/16 continues our series of Editorial articles to express opinions about the bowling industry. This article asks do you prefer easy or challenging bowling lane conditions?

Because this site provides ongoing and periodic editorial bowling articles, we thought it would be fun to hear from our friends which sort of lane conditions do you prefer, easy or high scoring conditions or challenging or low scoring conditions?

Let’s get you started by stating that the majority of lane conditions around the country today are high scoring oil patterns typically known as “house patterns.”

Some patterns are more challenging by nature such as sport patterns or the USBC Blue pattern, both of which you may see from time to time in tournaments and leagues across the nation.

Here are ideas to consider for determining your lane condition preference:

Do you prefer “shootout” conditions where it is extremely easy to hit the pocket and strike giving all players chances at recording very high scores?

Do you most enjoy competing on challenging conditions where the premium results come from making good shots and where accuracy is most important?

Do you prefer high scoring conditions for leagues and challenging conditions in tournaments?

Is making an assessment of the lane condition and then implementing an initial alignment decision and then eventual adjustments when competing for the first time in a given bowling center a challenge you embrace or do you prefer knowing the oil pattern details before competing?

Every bowler has at least one preference in lane conditions he or she enjoys competing on the most. What is yours?

We would like to read your comments related to your choice in lane conditions.

Kindly place your comment in our blog section immediately below this article and share with us your comments.

We thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to reading your comments.

Thank You,

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