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Bowling Training Camp, Originally Posted: 10/4/2014; Updated 8/31/2022

If you are serious about improving your game, then set up your bowling training camp and work hard for a limited number of days.

Now is the perfect time to sit down and write out a structured plan to help you stay on track since many bowling centers are not open just yet.

You can develop your own bowling training camp by following a few simple planning mechanisms and then go about the business of putting in the time and work.

If you dedicate yourself to making progress with your game and are willing to put in the labor to do so, then your chances at improvement are great.

It is not important what your present average is or what state of being is your current game, it is important to begin with the notion of setting up a routine by which you can practice and train yourself to improve your physical game skills, your mental outlook on your game, and making the adjustments needed to hit the pocket at increased regularity.

Begin by setting up one bowling lesson with your chosen bowling instructor. During the lesson, record the key points the instructor makes about your physical game and any other issues which are addressed.

With only one lesson, you can build a game plan to follow for a pre-determined number of days to train yourself at making the changes to your game established at the time of your lesson.

In 30 days you can improve your game skills and make the changes needed to see positive results.

Within the 30 day training period, set a bowling budget for purchasing practice games. Also, set a timetable you can follow for practice sessions.

If you can practice only twice per week, then you must make the 8 sessions of practice during the 30 day period count.

If you choose to practice 8 times during the month, then structure your practice around the amount of time you need to spend on each recorded item your instructor advises you to work on during practice.

If you are able to practice more often than 8 times during your 30 day training camp, then structure that amount of time so you have enough time to work on each of the recorded elements of your game.

The real key to training is doing so with purpose and with passion. If you are not fully committed to putting in the hard work, then you may not get the results you seek.

There are no short cuts in athletics. If any athlete wishes to improve, there must be a training period to work on the keys to lead that athlete to improvement.

The formula is no different for you in bowling. Identify a practice timetable, specific keys to your game, and invest the necessary time and resources necessary to train yourself accordingly.

Age, gender, budget, average range, and knowledge level are no obstacles you cannot overcome.

With one simple bowling lesson to establish the keys to work on during your newly forming training camp and with determining a finite number of days and practice sessions per term limits of your camp, you can engage in self-training.

Make the commitment to yourself before you begin this endeavor. Progress starts with the desire, determination, and dedication to improve.

Plan your bowling training camp right away. Higher bowling scores are waiting for you just around the corner.

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