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Bowling Set-Up & Balance, Originally Posted: 8/3/14; Updated: 4/17/21

If you are new to the game, so much in learning to bowl effectively begins with the notion of having a good bowling set-up & balance.
Getting into a proper posture and in an athletic position to start your approach is key to consistent deliveries.
Maintaining good balance throughout you approach once you begin walking to the foul line is another very, very important key to accuracy.
Since you are learning the game, it is key to focus on physical things which give you a chance to make consistent approaches and deliveries.
Here are some tips for getting a good set-up position before walking to the line and tips for keeping good balance during your approach:
Set-Up: Instead of crouching or standing completely tall, set your spine angle perhaps 10 - 15 degrees leaning forward and flex your knees slightly.
Keep your bowling shoulder only slightly lower than your non-bowling shoulder.
Allow the front portion of your bowling shoulder to align with your sighting mark on the lane.
Check to make certain your bowling shoe toes face the pocket and you stand with your weight distributed fairly evenly over your bowling shoes with perhaps a bit more weight on the foot you do not use to take your first step.
Hold your ball in front of your bowling shoulder at a height from the floor comfortable to you.
It helps to hold the bowling ball very close or against your body when aiming on the approach so the weight of the ball does not tense up your bowling arm.
Your head should be level and the bottom of your chin no lower than the top of your shoulders.
Balance: Keep your upper body torso from making unnecessary movement while walking to the foul line.
Avoid sudden and abrupt movement during your approach.
Avoid exaggerating bowling shoulder movement during your approach.
Keep your head and torso as motionless as possible throughout your approach and particularly while you are releasing the bowling ball.
Maintain a consistent elevation from the floor while you walk to the line so your swing path will be in position to hold your balance and repeat good swings and deliveries.
We recommend you consult with your personal certified coach/instructor or a local bowling professional at least one time when learning to bowl.

Your coach can help you develop good physical game fundamentals and help you progress in the game.
Get to the lanes and practice as time and money allow. Practice is the key to improvement if you adhere to sound approach principles.
It all begins with a good set-up to help you begin your approach consistently. Maintaining good balance when walking to the line is critical to good shotmaking.
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