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Brunswick Focus Zone 

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Focus Zone Specs

Product ID 6876 Brand Brunswick
Perfect Scale Hook Rating 185.5 RG 2.504
Finish Polished Ball Color Blue Solid/Purple and Teal Pearl
Lane Condition Medium-Heavy Coverstock Hybrid Reactive
Ball Quality First Quality Coverstock Name Activator Hybrid
Core Name Phantom Core Core Type Asymmetric
Performance Advanced Performance[6]    
Originally Sold For: $59.99

This product (6876) is not available

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Brunswick's International Series has been developed specifically for Asian markets using core and coverstock systems that provide international bowlers with a range of equipment that matches up to typical international lane conditions. The looks of International Series balls are also adapted to Asian tastes making the International Series completely customized for Asian bowlers. Available only through International Distributors. Reaction Characteristics The Focus Zone combines a Rough buff Activator Hybrid coverstock with the update version of the asymmetric Phantom core system. The result is a ball reaction that is clean through the heads with a strong reving type of roll that promotes mid-lane recovery and a powerful but continuous breakpoint. Response Time To understand the International Zone Coverstocks better we will be using a 1-10 number scale system after the coverstock name to describe Response Time. Response Time is how fast or slow the ball changes direction when it encounters friction. The Higher the number the Faster the ball will change direction similar to Skid/Snap. The Lower the number the Slower the ball will change direction similar to Smooth Arc. Utility Out of the box: With its Rough Buff surface most players will find the Focus Zone matches up well on medium to oily lane conditions. If your Focus Zone goes too long: Dull the surface with 800-grit or rougher abrasive to get the Focus Zone to roll sooner and increase its hooking action. If your Focus Zone hooks too early: Polish your Focus Zone with Brunswick's Factory Finish High Gloss Polish to increase the length through the front part of the lane. Reaction Setup There are additional layout considerations for a ball with a significant Preferential Spin Axis (PSA) such as the Focus Zone. The distance from the riser pin still determines the overall strength of the layout the same way it does in symmetric core balls that have an insignificant PSA. In the Focus Zone, placement of the PSA locator relative to the riser pin and the bowler's axis can be used to modify the reaction created by a given riser pin position. See the attached sample layouts for the most popular drilling options.
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