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Brunswick Impulse Zone 

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Impulse Zone Specs

Product ID 2769 Brand Brunswick
Perfect Scale 166.0 RG 2.553
Finish Matte Ball Color Ocean Blue
Lane Condition Medium-Heavy Coverstock Particle
Ball Quality First Quality Particle Load Light
Performance High Performance[8]    
Originally Sold For: $104.99
Technology - Hard Arcing Control Brunswick low-load particle balls have traditionally been known for their excellent traction in the oil and controlled hard arcing reactions off the dry. This type of ball reaction has long been a favorite of higher level players looking for a predictable reaction that helps them control the mid-lane and keeps them out of trouble by smoothing out the unpredictable breakpoints sometimes seen with Reactive coverstocks on carry down. Previous Brunswick low-load particle balls have utilized Brunswick's proprietary particle systems with a PowrKoil 18 coverstock base. The Impulse Zone moves in a new direction by using Brunswick's exclusive Activator coverstock as a base. The use of Activator coverstock improves on our already popular low-load particle reaction by increasing length, back-end reaction and hook potential which results in increased forgiveness and improved pin carry. The Impulse Zone uses a medium-RG version of the Zone Classic Ultra-Low RG Asymmetrical core system. For the Impulse Zone 0.6 pounds has been moved from the inner core to the outer core to provide the desired on-lane performance. This creates a medium-RG core that is a better match to the Activator Low-Load particle coverstock. The low-load Activator particle coverstock and the medium-RG asymmetric core combine to create a high hook potential ball that reads the oil pattern on the lane well, without over reading it. The Impulse Zone is strong in the mid-lane and back-end without giving up being clean through the front. On a typical house shot the Impulse Zone stays on line in the oil and maintains good contact with the lane without wanting to either hook early or slip in the oil. As the lane condition breaks down, shots that are tugged into the oil hold and hit, while shots that are swung to the dry early recover continuously down the lane and are less prone to the over-reactions sometimes seen with straight reactive coverstock balls.

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