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What is a Pro-Pin Bowling Ball?

Since the breakthrough of fine tuning reaction characteristics by use of the mass bias (MB) placements in the 1990's, large pin out balls have been a staple for many Pro Staffers on the professional tours. Big pin outs occur when the weight block tips to one side of the ball. The further the weight block is tipped, the more the mass is biased to that side of the ball pulling the Center of Gravity (CG) away from the pin. Advantages of these balls are:

  • Enhanced Dynamics
  • Stronger Preferred Spin Axis (PSA)
  • More Drilling Versatility
  • Superior Reaction Characteristics
  • Enables Drillers To Use A Larger Extra Hole Increasing Flare Potential and Ball Reaction
Pro Pin Drilling Legend

Layout 1
Pro Ryan Shafter's Favorite

Ryan Shafters Favorite Drilling Layout
  • Place Pin and CG 5-½" from PAP
  • Located MB in between ball track and strong position
  • Use scale to determine static balance
  • High track players will benefit from this layout

Layout 2
Pro Keven Mitchell's Favorite

Keven Mitchell's Favorite Drilling Layout

With this layout we place the pin 4-¼" from the PAP. This position will produce medium to high flare, great for players trying to "open up" on a medium to heavy oil lane condition.

For bowlers with medium to high rev rate, this pin position will often produce the most overall hook throughout the entire lane!

Now select a MB position:

  • (B). Located the MB halfway between the ball track and PAL to produce a sharp breakpoint.
  • (C). Place the MB at the PAL for and earlier, smoother breakpoint.
    Note:Be sure to select a ball with less than 3.0 oz. of top weight.

Be sure to check for excess side weight and finger/thumb weight, as a balance hole may be necessary for any of these layouts. If one is required, draw a line from the Center of Grip through the CG ad extend the PAL. This will be the location of the balance hole.

Layout 3
Pro Brian Kretzer's Favorite

Brian Kretzer's Favorite Drilling Layout
  • Place Pin 4-¾" from the PAP.
  • Located the MB on the Ball Track
  • Scale ball to ensure static balance. Adjust CG location as needed
  • Produces length and an arcing backend

Layout 4

A Basic Pro Pin Drilling Layout
  • Locate Pin 3-3/8" from Center of Grip at a 45° angle from the center line in southwest direction
  • Located CG at 45° angle from the center line in a northeast direction.
  • Use scale to determine static balance
  • If necessary, locate balance hole at 6-¾" from grip center through CG.
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