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Layout Procedure

  1. Choose the PinPAP distance for flare desired.
  2. Choose the Mass Bias (RC) distance to PAP for ball reaction desired.
  3. Choose the vertical distance from the Pin to the Midline for the shape of the breakpoint and the length of the transition desired.
  4. Locate the center of grip and drill the ball.
  5. Position the balance hole if desired (or required).
  6. Adjust the side weight for smoothness of breakpoint desired.
  7. Adjust the surface of the ball to match the lane condition.

Track Flare

Track Flare is determined by Pin to PAP distance.

Large Track Flare
2¾" to 6¼" from PAP

Pin distances closer to 6¼" produce more Forward Roll (lose axis rotation faster).

Pin distances closer to 2¾" produce more Side Roll (retain axis rotation longer).

Medium Track Flare
1½" to 2¾" from PAP

Small Track Flare
¾" to 2¾" from PAP

Displays ranges From Pin to PAP

The Five Basic Ball Reactions

Ball reaction is determined by the Mass Bias (RC) to PAP distance.
Image of a 4 pointed star that represents the RC.

An Example that shows RC Placement
Ball Reactions
  1. Late Revs or Control
  2. Sharp Break Point
  3. Hook and Set
  4. Forward Roll
  5. Maximum Early Revs

Ball Reaction Charts

A Ball Reaction chart for the Vanguard Strong Asymmetrical Core
A Ball Reaction Chart for the Strong Asymmetrical Core

Pin Distance Above The Midline

The pin distance above the midline controls the shape of the breakpoint and the sharpness of the transition.

Smoother Breakpoint
Smoother Breakpoint Example
Low Pin positions cause the ball to have a longer transition and a smoother breakpoint.

Medium Breakpoint
Medium Breakpoint Example
Medium Pin positions cause the ball to have a slightly shorter transition and a slightly more angular breakpoint.

Sharper Breakpoint
Sharper Breakpoint Example
Higher pin positions cause the ball to have a shorter, more abrupt, transition and the most angular breakpoint.

Adjusting surface Texture to Maximize performance.

Additional Drilling Techniques


Use the pin distance from the PAP to control flare.

Placing Mass Bias further from center line of the grip and closer to or past the VAL will result in the ball reading the midlane sooner.

When using the Asymmetrical Flip Drilling place the Mass Bias closer to the PAP than you would normally choose for a player.

Super Symmetrical Drilling

Pin: 1" - 1½" above midline.  2¼" - 4½" from PAP.  Mass Bias on Center Line of Grip.

The control of a symmetrical ball with the hitting power of an asymmetrical core (Long Transition Drilling).

Standard Asymmetrical Drilling

Pin: 1¾" - 3¼" above midline, 2" - 6" from PAP.  Mass Bias at least 1" right of centerline.

The ball reads the midlane with continuation on the backend (Medium Transition Drilling).

Asymmetrical Flip Drilling

Pin: 1½" - 2" from the VAL, 3" - 6" frpm PAP.  Mass Bias at least 1" right of the centerline.

The ball reacts the hardest at the breakpoint and turns the corner (Short Transition Drilling).

Motion Tuned Core

Because of their strong preferred spin axis (PSA) all MoRich balls with strong asymmetrical cores retain their PSA after drilling. the 60° average spin time measures the strength of a ball's preferred Spin Axis. This reflects the ability of a ball to respond to lane friction as the ball travels down the lanes. The shorter the average spin time the quicker the ball responds to lane friction. Balls that retain their PSA after drilling are more versatile than any other type of ball because moving the mass bias (PSA) on the ball allows the driller to shape the breakpoint more effectively.

MOtion tuned Core Flare Characteristics

The MOtion tuned cores of MoRich bowling balls cause them to display a unique track flare characteristic.

MoRich bowling balls with Motion tuned cores have large track flare on all drillings with a pin 2¾" to 6¼" from the Positive Axis Point (PAP). To reduce track flare in any drilling move the pin towards the PAP. Pin distances of 1½" to 2¾" from the PAP will result in medium track flare. Pin distances of ¾" to 1½" from the PAP will result in small track flare.

Not Place the Pin Any Closer Than ¾" From the PAP, because it may result in changing the bowler's axis coordinates.

All MoRich bowling balls with Motion tuned cores are precision spun at the factory, before engraving, on a "Free Spin" ball spinner (The DeTerminator) to accurately located and mark the "mass bias" (RC) ensuring accurate layouts and ball reactions.

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