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What is a Pro-CG Bowling Ball?

A Pro-CG is where the CG ends up a certain distance left or right of the Pin and PSA (preferred spin axis). If you draw a line from the Pin to PSA on the average the CG would need to be 2 1/2" or more from the line. That distance will vary depending on if the CG was to the right or left.

Pro CG


"Pro-CG" bowling balls:

  • Meet all A.B.C., U.S.B.C. and P.B.A. regulations
  • Are premium first quality
  • Have the center of gravity at least 2 1/2" away from the line between the pin and mass bias
  • Create stronger ball reactions and entry angle
  • Great for specialized layouts and drilling options
  • Are very dynamic and allow for the use of larger weight holes, creating more hook potential

Please refer to the layout options to determine the best options for your needs.

How or why is a Pro-CG manufactured? A Pro-CG is created during the manufacturing process. When the pin area is being drilled the core can slightly shift. When the weight block shifts just a small amount (1/16" - 1/32") it pulls the CG off the Y axis towards the Z axis. This is why on some balls you will notice the CG is a far distance away from the Pin to PSA line. These small shifts do not affect the reaction or quality of the product, but it can limit the drilling options. Therefore we offer a different set of drilling instructions and mark them as Pro-CG's.

* Note - Pro CG bowling balls are versatile and can be drilled using a variety of drilling techniques. For example: if a ball has a CG that is ≥ 2 1/2" right of the line between pin and mass bias (as shown in the above picture to the right), it does NOT mean that the ball can only be drilled for a left-handed bowler. This is only an illustration showing where the pin, cg, and mass bias would be located when using a popular layout. Depending on the reaction you are looking seeking, these balls may suit your needs better to achieve your desired reaction.

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