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How to: Help Choosing the Right Bowling Shoes

Choosing the right bowling shoe is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

  1. How much have you budgeted for your purchase?

  2. How much do you slide? None or very little, average, a lot, I want total control.

  3. What color do you like?

Before we move on let's give you a quick run down of the different manufacturers and their popularity. The list isn't very long so this makes it easy. Dexter accounts for about 75% of the market share. By the way, Dexter is owned by H.H. Brown which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway which is  owned by Warren Buffett. Just thought that was cool. Next you have Brunswick and Dexter does all the manufacturing for them, you can see why Dexter has such a large chunk. Following the pack is Etonic and Circle. Circle inventory was bought out by when they were sold off. has 99% of all remaining Circle stock, when they are gone they are gone, and they are our best selling brand.
Keep in mind, we have shoes for women, men, kids and many are on special and are available at substantial discount. If your are looking for cheap ones, remember that cheap always means value priced at and has nothing to do with quality. Should you be looking for used ones, sorry it is against the law to resale them used.
We are ALWAYS Free Shipping on Every Item Every Day. No handling fees, (many sites add a surprised $4.95 at checkout) no additional insurance, the price we show is the price you pay at checkout.
We started by asking what your budget was, we did this because you can easily spend up to $159.99 but can spend as little as $19.99 and with rentals being as high as $5.00 per rental you could easily pay for these in just a few visits to your local bowling alley.
If you would like a great pair at a great price may we recommend Pyramid, there simply is not a better value on the market. If you want something more trendy and are willing to spend a few more dollars Dexter is your company.
Want the top of the line, want to totally control your slide by having interchangeable soles and heels? Look no further than the stylish and top of the line Dexter THE 9. If you would like to see other colors or women's style just type "THE 9" in our search box located on any page.
Next, how much do you want to slide? Note that most people slide just a little even if they don't think they do. If you are looking for a little slide try a flat bottom, intermediate try one with a raised heel, want total control from zero slide to maximum try shoes with interchangeable heels and or soles, there is a wide variety to choose from but the king in that area is the king of slide control the Dexter THE 9 .
After you have added your various choices to our Compare Page using the "Add to Compare" button, pick your favorite color.
Remember to use to help you make the right choice. Use our extensive advanced search and most importantly use our bowling shoe product review. See a shoe with no review -  email us and we will have one of our pro shops or staff review the product and contact you personally.
Add your favorite to your shopping cart, complete checkout and in just a few days your package will arrive at your door shipped directly to you from our warehouse via UPS.
Now your ready to go and try out your new bowling shoes. It is always a good idea to wear them around the house to get a feel, walk in clean dry areas. When you are ready to give them a go on the lanes we highly recommend that you try them without the ball. Just walk up to the foul line and give them a few tries, use Perfect Slide NEW ITEM if need be. It is always good to have around, if you every step in a little damp area just use some on the bottom of your slide sole and you are good to go.
Regardless of the brand or style you choose you will find them very comfortable especially over the ones you rent at the bowling center. Picking the best one for you can be as easy as one, two, three.
Good luck and good bowling from

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