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Manufacturer Pseudo Pin Drilling Layouts
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Pseduo Pin Drilling Layouts - 6 3/4" Layout Instructions

Drilling a ball with a Pin to Cg distance greater than 6 ¾" may seem like an impossible task, but with a simple trick of physics, the task becomes very easy.

  • Step 1) Measure 13 ½" from the center of Pin to the exact opposite side of the ball and create a tick mark (Pseudo-Pin).

  • Step 2) Measure distance from tick mark (Pseudo-Pin) created in Step 1 to the Cg as marked from manufacturing.

  • Step 3) Use the location of the tick mark (Pseudo-Pin) created in Step 1 and the new Pseudo-Pin to Cg distance measured in Step 2 to layout the ball.

If Steps 1 through 3 have been completed successfully, a standard pin distance length between 0 - 6 ¾" will have resulted. For example, a Pin to Cg distance originally measured at 10 ½" from the manufacturer's Pin to Cg will actually have a Pseudo-Pin to Cg distance of 3". Now, using the new pseudo-pin and the shorter 3" cg distance, any standard drilling technique for a 3" Cg distance will work.

For a printable PDF document of these instructions, please click here.