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Customizing Your Surface is happy to offer this feature to customers purchasing one of Pyramid Bowling's new high performance balls, The Chosen Path.

We have come up with a few options to help you fine tune the ball motion to perfectly fit your game and to allow you to truly Choose Your Path.

Pyramid Chosen Path
This ball comes out of the box (OOB) at 2000 grit Abralon. This is how we suggest you throw the ball if you are unsure of what surface you want to use. We have tested the ball extensively and found this surface gives a wide variety of bowlers a very strong and consistent ball motion.

Our "Earlier Roll/Even Arc" adjustment will offer a heavier grit finish of 500/1000 which will allow your new Path performance ball to roll up sooner and give you a smoother ball motion down lane. This may be used on heavier volume lane conditions or when you don't want to get too much reaction off of the breakpoint.

Our "More Length/Later Backend" option will deliver your new Path to you with a polished surface. We will use a factory finish polish on the cover to offer more skid through the heads with a sharper motion on the backend.

Our final option is for you to let us know how you want your finish customized. If you select this option we ask that you click on the "Product Specific Requests" link just below this drop down box and type in your finish preference. If our team has any questions we will contact you before we make any adjustments to your ball.