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Week 1 - PBA World Championships

1st Place - Norm Duke - Hy-Road

2nd Place - Chris Barnes - Momentum, Momentum Swing, Pro Loomed Towel

3rd Place - Steve Jaros - The Code

4th Place - Sean Rash - Avalanche Slide, Men's SST 8 , Loomed Towel

Norm Duke became the first player in PBA history to win three consecutive Majors as he captured the PBA World Championship at Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kan., which marks the first event of the 50th Anniversary Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season. Prior to today’s win over 2007-08 PBA Player of the Year Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Tex. (259-189), Duke had won the 2007-08 Denny’s World Championship and the U.S. Open.

“That (making history) hasn’t hit me,” Duke said. “I was focused on winning the World Championship. When I heard that, it kind of choked me up. It’s a dream and I want to thank my family for standing by me the whole time.”