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Video Ball Review of Brunswick’s Latest Release – The Smash Zone

Hello and welcome to’s video ball review of Brunswick’s latest High Performance Release: The Smash Zone

The Smash Zone integrates a pearlized version of Brunswick's exciting EnMotion™coverstock with an updated version of the original Inferno™core. This combination creates an ultra-low RG ball that gets through the front part of the lane then rev's strongly to create excellent mid-lane recovery and a continuous back-end reaction.

We placed the pin 5” away from my axis, and the Center of Gravity 3 3/8”. With this layout and the combination of core and coverstock this ball offers, we expected a strong move at the breakpoint. Let’s see what kind of reaction we got from our testing…

When compared to the Ultra Zone, this ball gave me more length and a sharper breakpoint reaction. The pearilzed version of the enMotion coverstock is very impressive. This ball would work best in medium to heavy oil conditions.

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