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BODY OF WORK: Bowling Star Kelly Kulick Exposed In ‘Body Issue’

ESPN the Magazine’s annual Body Issue touts itself as an “exploration and celebration of the athletic form.” The issue features a section called “Bodies We Want,” in which male and female athletes from a variety of sports pose nude in a stance reflective of their particular sport. This year ESPN the Magazine wanted the body of a bowler. Kelly Kulick’s body, to be precise.
“They contacted me back in February,” said Kulick, the only woman ever to win a PBA title. “I’d seen the first two years they’d done the Body Issue, and it wasn’t all size 2’s and models. It was an honor to be asked.”
Kulick will be one of 20 athletes featured in the Oct. 7 edition of the magazine, including soccer goalie Hope Solo, football star Stephen Jackson, basketball’s Blake Griffin, snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler and gymnast Alicia Sacramone.
Permission granted by USBC/Luby Publishing