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Storm Virtual Gravity NANO Pearl Bowling Ball

The Virtual Gravity NANO Pearl bowling ball is available right here at our site and is another fine addition to the Storm Premier Line of bowling ball products. Storm has been a leading brand in the bowling industry for many years and continues to provide top performance lines of bowling balls. The Virtual Gravity NANO Pearl bowling ball is the next release in a fast revving, smooth gliding ball in the front end with an aggressively reacting, high performance coverstock to fight heavy oil lane conditions. This new Storm ball and is available for a great price, with free shipping, free insurance and with absolutely no hidden charges at

Storm is known for producing THE BEST high performance balls on the market. When the Virtual Gravity NANO was released earlier this year, it immediately became the number one selling high performance ball on the planet! Every lane in every bowling center around the world quickly took notice of this special ball model. The NANO Pearl is polished to a 1500 grit factory finish and uses a fast-revving asymmetric core design producing a high flare potential rating of 6" plus.

"Nanotechnology" is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. As we have mentioned before, a breakthrough in coverstock technology rarely happens due to the complex nature of chemistry and polymer science.
Storm is all about innovation so it's no surprise that the new NRG™ cover has again taken the world by storm. The magnification of the surface of the new NRG coverstock shows you the increased surface texture between the peaks and valleys, as well as the more aggressive edges on the top of the peaks! Thank you nanotechnology! Continuing to move forward with the new technology breakthrough, the NANO Pearl will glide through the heads more easily than the original Virtual Gravity Nano yet still handle heavy oil.

The Shape-Lock HD™ Core which powered the original Virtual Gravity Nano produced a fast revving action that helped bowlers create more ball motion and total hook. While the new nanotech cover provided a lot of sizzle, unless it's paired with a quality weight block or core you will never see the advantages of either.

In looking for different ways to expand the benefits of nanotechnology, Storm explored several additive options to the base NRG coverstock and found that adding mica to this shell material created a cleaner glide through the heads without sacrificing any of its ability to handle larger amounts of oil. You'll see increased entry angle with the new Virtual Gravity NANO Pearl with simultaneous amplified oil traction usually reserved for textured solids.

It is recommended to check our "Drilling Layouts" feature at our home page and then select Storm from the chart provided to bring you up to speed with several layout options offered by Storm including diagrams of the layouts matching to your style of game and to lane conditions you may frequently encounter. One important thing to remember is that bowling balls today are designed for drilling versatility and to react with a predicable ball motion making them extremely useful on more lane conditions than in the past. For this reason, the new NANO Pearl will be a smart addition to any serious bowler's personal arsenal.

Don't forget to also check our Perfect Scale rating feature which is very useful in providing comparisons of the latest bowling balls in today’s market against our sophisticated rating scale system. The Perfect Scale can be easily accessed from our home page by clicking on the button and then browsing the information provided at the Perfect Scale so you can see how Storm bowling balls compare to other leading brands on the type of lane conditions you are targeting. Our goal is to simply make it easier for you to compare products and feel confident in your purchase selection process. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions 24 hours a day, every day of the year! Thanks for visiting.

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