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Storm Neoprene Ball Cup & Keychain

If you wish to find a Neoprene Ball Cup and Keychain, it is a great idea to check out the accessories available right here at our site. You can find the Neoprene Ball Cup and Keychain which also include a Storm bowling ball key chain very inexpensively, with free shipping and with no hidden charges here at

The neoprene ball cup is priced at $6.99 and has an MSRP of $9.99. This lightweight ball cup is flexible for easy storage, is durable and is made with one-quarter inch neoprene material, is great for holding a bowling ball in place while cleaning or polishing the ball surface, changing tape or inserts, and allows you to keep your spare ball close to the ball return as another useful option during competitive bowling sessions. The key chain and the Storm ball cup both have the Storm logo in plain view and if attached to your bowling bag, the colorful logos will dress up the bag appearance nicely.

Since recommends to our shoppers that it is important to maintain a clean bowling ball surface during and after competition, having a ball cup is very useful to hold your bowling ball in place when you need to apply cleaner or polish during or after a session on the lanes. In fact, the U.S.B.C. has approved liquid ball cleaners found in handy squeeze bottles to be cleared for use during sanctioned competition. At the price we are offering the neoprene ball cup, it simply makes good sense to purchase one today.

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