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Shiny And Matte Finish Solid Reactive Bowling Balls, Originally Posted: 9/2/2014; Updated: 9/21/2022

Selecting the right reactive coverstock ball for you is a matter of choosing between a shiny and matte finish solid reactive bowling balls.

Within the classification of reactive resin bowling balls on the market today, two types of coverstocks are produced, the pearl reactive and the solid reactive coverstocks..

It is the solid series of coverstock which are the most versatile in the reactive resin classification.
When considering a solid reactive bowling ball, you can choose either the shiny and smooth finish coverstock for skid distance control or the matte finish which is textured to allow for increased traction on oily lanes..

Reactive resin bowling balls triggered the movement to highly aggressive coverstocks and are composed of similar materials used in regular urethane formations, however, they are blended with different additives..

Solid reactive coverstocks have a great amount of microscopic reactive pores on the ball surface compared to pearl coverstocks. The solid coverstock comes in a polished finish, sanded finishes, and with a rubbing compound buffed finish so the degree of surface friction can be controlled within the sub-category of solid reactive bowling balls..

The most textured of the solid reactive coverstocks are the matte finish coverstocks which have the ability to create a good amount of surface friction and combat heavy oil conditions..

The shiny solid reactive coverstocks use a fine texture finished surface and are buffed to create a shiny appearance while providing good skid distance for medium or dry lanes and still have the ability to react with a decisive mid-lane and back end motion.

Manufacturers have spent endless resources over many years time in developing sophisticated coverstocks. The variety of solid reactive coverstocks offer bowler's choices in versatility and can be altered or modified to control skid length potential on a variety of oil conditions..

Altering the coverstocks is a simple matter of using select grit pads to screen the ball surface to produce the desired amount of traction matching with targeted lane conditions..

Your pro shop professional can help you alter your equipment surface texture and help restore optimum ball reaction capabilities if you establish a routine ball maintenance schedule..

Shiny and matte finish solid reactive coverstocks are the most used coverstocks today when bowlers select new equipment. Be sure to choose the best coverstock match for your game and for where you bowl most often.

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