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Pyramid Bowling Balls

The all-new Pyramid bowling balls are here at The arrival and roll out of Pyramid bowling balls, the Pyramid Path series, means you can now get quality as well as the best possible prices. The new Pyramid brand is designed to offer bowlers of all levels the best in value, quality, durability, and at the absolute best prices on the market. Check out the new Pyramid Path balls right away and get ready for the new bowling season.

The first Pyramid ball is the Path Blue/Black/White 2024 DEAL priced at only $54.99. This model offers a polished and classy appearance with the polyester coverstock, looks great, is certainly very affordable, and bowlers of all skill levels can use this ball, particularly on dry lanes or for shooting spares. All Pyramid Path bowling balls offer a one year warranty and are available in three other colors, the Path Pink/Black 2024 DEAL bowling ball, the Path Orange/Black 2024 DEAL bowling ball, and Path Purple/Emerald/Silver RETIRED bowling ball, each with extremely great looking coverstocks you will be proud to own and at extremely affordable prices.

Pyramid Path bowling balls are the least expensively priced polyester balls available in the market. But price is only partially the key to owning Pyramid Path bowling balls. When you are bowling on wet/dry lane conditions as you will often encounter in league play or local tournament play when bowling on the USBC Red pattern (house conditions), using a plastic ball can be to your advantage. The Pyramid Path ball will not over-react in the dry area of the lane and will certainly skid if you miss your target toward the oily portion of the lane surface. The net effect is that fewer shots will "jump" out of the oil pattern and will continue on the "Path" to the pocket.

In fact, it is not uncommon to watch power players, those who hook the ball a great deal and have a very high rev rate, use polyester balls to control skid length and prevent excessive over-reaction on wet/dry or on dry lane conditions. Bowlers who go up-the-boards and only hook the ball a slight amount can still get a reliable ball reaction when lane oil conditions breakdown in league or tournament play.

Another emerging trend in bowling is to seek a continuous arc or a very controllable ball motion in the mid-lane and at the break point compared to the old theory of skid/hook ball motion which is difficult to control. The Pyramid Path ball series will help you gain control when the lane oil conditions break down, on fresh wet/dry conditions, and when shooting spares, particularly the tricky corner pin spares.

No question that the Pyramid brand in a class of its own. Expect more great bowling ball, bag, and shoe models by the Pyramid brand in the future which will be readily available right here at

Now you know why we have become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by consumers of America. Ordering is easy by following our simple online instructions. Thanks for visiting

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