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Prepare Your Bowling Equipment For The New Season

If you are an experienced bowler averaging 160 per game or less, then learning some tips on how to prepare your bowling equipment for the new season might help you get off to a good start. It is important to understand a little about getting your equipment ready for leagues and for tournaments so you get the most out of your investments. Knowing a few tips how to prepare your bowling equipment for the new season is very useful so we, at, wish to share the following:

First, bring your bowling ball arsenal to your favorite local pro shop and have the ball surfaces checked for nicks, scratches, or indentations.

It is always a good idea to have the surface screened on a high speed ball spinner to smooth out the surface and then have the operator use specific grit Abralon pads to texture the coverstock precisely to match the lane conditions where you will complete.

Resurfacing your bowling balls will accomplish a few useful things such as removing oil from the pores of the coverstock, getting the coverstock textured to a known abrasiveness for ensuring the desired traction on the lanes when you bowl, and to finish off the ball surface with any given polishes or final grit pad applications.

It is important that gripping holes are sized to fit your fingers and shaped to accommodate the contour of your fingers and thumb. Over time and with use, bowling ball gripping holes can become worn and will have to be re-shaped to fit the contour of your gripping fingers. It might be necessary to remove and replace inserts if you use those devices in the finger holes.

Also, body weight changes will affect the sizes of your gripping fingers and thumb. You may have to plug and re-drill your gripping hole or holes if they are overly loose or you may have to open the hole sizes to accommodate a weight gain, depending on your body changes.

The pitch angles the holes are drilled into the ball must also conform to your specific fingers and thumb shape and sizes. Each bowler opens and closes his or her hand uniquely so, as we stated earlier, properly drilled holes can actually help you release the bowling ball effectively and develop good accuracy as well as protect your hand from injury.It is a good idea to have the pitches of your gripping holes checked before you begin the new season.

Consulting with a trusted pro shop operator can help you make a good decision regarding the purchase of a new bowling ball. If you are considering a new ball, make sure you do not purchase something which is very close to what you may already own. There are many, many makes and models of bowling balls to select from so caution should be taken in examining available selections so you match the lane conditions you will most frequently encounter.

Owning a bowling ball to be used for spare shooting, such as plastic balls or entry level urethane balls, can be helpful in raising your bowling average. Intermediate average range players likely could use some help converting those pesky corner pin spares. Owning a reliable spare ball will help quite a bit by reducing sudden changes in direction when rolling for corner pin spares.

There are a few accessory items we suggest you add to your bowling bag. The Embroidered Microfiber Bowling Towel is one good accessory every bowler should have ready to use on the lanes. These towels are used for keeping your hands dry from perspiration, to remove dirt, rubber markings from the pinsetter equipment, or lane oil from the ball surface. This microfiber towel retains up to seven times the moisture as cloth towels and is easy to wash and re-use any number of times you choose.

Carrying Defense Skin Protecting Tape will prevent possible skin irritations from releasing the bowling ball frequently to become painful or become more severe than when they first develop on your bowling fingers.

There are liquid bowling ball cleaners available in 4, 6, 8, 16 or 32 ounce squeeze bottles you can carry in your bowling bag which work great to clean lane oil or dirt off of the bowling ball surface when you complete your time on the lanes. These include Reacta Clean All Purpose Cleaner 4oz, Power Gel Clean 16oz and Liquid Nitro 6 oz. Polishes are also available inexpensively to apply after cleaning the surface of your ball to restore the skid ability the ball requires on the front end of the lane by adding a shine to the ball. Some popular polishes are Reacta Shine Reactive Polish and Cleaner 4oz, Black Magic XL 8 oz, Power Gel Polish 16oz and Factory Finish High Gloss Polish (6oz).

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