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Overall Individual High Bowling Series By State continues our series of Editorial articles with special attention to scoring records in each state. Check to see if your name is on this exclusive list for the Men’s Overall Individual High Three Game Sanctioned League Series documented state by state.

State, score, name, site, date

Alabama, 896, Paul Ealy, Hoover, 3/11/2013

Alaska, 858, Chad Sherwood, Anchorage, 3/9/06

Arizona, 898, William McPherson, Phoenix, 2/6/2013

Arkansas, 886, Michael Belcher, Fort Smith, 2/24/99

California, 900, Vince Wood, Moreno Valley, 9/29/99; Jimmy Schmitzer, Riverside, 4/20/2012

Colorado, 899, Terry Weddel, Denver, 11/16/2011

Connecticut, 886, Christopher Marchand, Groton, 12/22/98

Delaware, 899, Ron Prettyman, Claymont, 2/10/96

Florida, 900, Joe Scarborough, (bowled in) The Villages,4/21/2013

Georgia, 887, Bret Dal Santo, Savannah, 10/25/90

Hawaii, 875, Daniel Maglangit, Ewa Beach, 3/8/82

Idaho, 896, Jeremy Phillips, Pocatello, 3/8/2013

Illinois, 900, Andrew Mank, Bellevue, 3/18/2010

Indiana, 900, Bob Kammer Jr., Crown Point, 1/8/2011

Iowa, 899, Steve Sikkema, Fulton (Ill.), 12/1/10

Kansas, 889, Ed Henning, Wichita, 3/28/05

Kentucky, 887, Anthony O’Neal, Louisville, 3/20/10

Louisiana, 888, Brent Arcement (youth), Kenner, 1/20/90

Maine, 859, Joseph Ramsdell III, Skowhegan, 4/19/2011

Maryland, 900, Rich Jerome Jr., Baltimore, 12/22/08

Massachusetts, 883, Michael Fabian, North Attleboro, 4/16/03

Michigan, 900, Robby Portalatin, Jackson, 12/28/00

Minnesota, 900, Darren Pomije, New Prague, 12/9/04

Mississippi, 899, Sean English, Diamondhead, 2/18/2013

Missouri, 898, Alonzo Spiller, Kansas City, 10/19/00

Montana, 862, Jim Potvin Jr., Anaconda, 3/6/01

Nebraska, 900, Jeremy Sonnenfeld, Lincoln, 2/2/97

Nevada, 900, Chris Aker, Winnemucca, 10/30/2009

New Hampshire, 880, Richard Hussey Jr., Clermont, 3/30/04

New Jersey, 900, Andrew Teall, Medford, 11/2/2009

New Mexico, 877, Joe Sanburn, Albuquerque, 3/30/94;Wade Sellers, Albuquerque, 1/30/03

New York, 900, Robert Mushtare, Fort Drum, 12/5/05 and 2/19/06; William

Howell III, Middletown, 11/21/10; John Martorella Sr., Greece, 4/12/2012

North Carolina, 886, Larry Everhart, Lexington, 10/6/2010

North Dakota, 879, Blake Nitzkorski, Fargo, 10/21/08

Ohio, 900, Lonnie Billiter Jr., Fairfield, 2/13/06; Matt Latarski, Medina, 11/28/2010

Oklahoma, 889, Cedric Gaines, Oklahoma City, 9/9/09

Oregon, 900, James Hylton, Salem, 5/2/01

Pennsylvania, 900, Jeff Campbell II, New Castle, 6/12/04

Rhode Island, 900, James Williams, Wakefield, 4/16/2013

South Carolina, 884, Blais Mascitelli, Spartanburg, 12/11/90

South Dakota, 880, Josh Hepp, Sioux Falls, 11/20/2009

Tennessee, 879, Billy Moss, Hermitage, 2/18/02

Texas, 899, Bill Fong, Plano, 1/18/2010

Utah, 887, Russ Hunt, North Salt Lake City, 3/18/96

Vermont, 888, Jonathan Wilbur, Rutland, 3/6/04

Virginia, 887, Ervin Raines III, Manassas, 2/9/09

Washington, 898, Eddie Williams, Spokane, 2/28/07

West Virginia, 877, Michael Sirbaugh, Charlestown, 2/11/09

Wisconsin, 900, Tony Roventini, Greenfield, 11/8/99; Mark Wukoman, Greenfield, 4/22/06;
P.J. Giesfeldt, Milwaukee, 12/23/2007

As you can tell, there have been some incredibly high three game series scores reported by the USBC. These scores are indicative of the similar scoring conditions provided throughout the country where so many perfect 900 series scores, or near perfect scores, have been produced.

These series scores are not necessarily recorded by professional bowlers, rather by players certainly among the highest echelon of league bowlers in the country.

High scores have been here for a very long time judging by the dates scores reflect. There is no indication anywhere in the industry that these scores have motivated proprietors to make lane conditions difficult to hit the pocket consistently so we should expect high scores to continue and we likely will see more names added to this distinguished list.

Whether you are a proponent of high scores or whether you believe scoring conditions today should be made more difficult, the reality is that high scores are likely here to stay.

If you wish to join the ranks and record a high series score rivaling these players, then you best improve your game skills, understand how to use modern bowling ball technology to your advantage, and develop a mentality of stringing strikes - long strings of strikes.
Thank you.
Rich Carrubba

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